Pirouette (fall 2003), for orchestra, '31 sec excerpt
Gusli Remix (spring 2004), for electronics, '30 sec excerpt
As the River Turns (fall 2004), for chamber ensemble, '29 sec excerpt
Trio (spring 2003), for piano, violin, and cello, '32 sec excerpt
As the River Turns (fall 2004)
for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and two guitars
Written for the Cygnus Ensemble, performed on April 12, 2005
Four Short Pieces (fall 2004)
for chamber ensemble
Recorded during reading sessions as part of Del Tredici's class
Pirouette (fall 2003)
for orchestra
Recorded during a reading session by Peabody Symphony Orchestra
Trio (spring 2003)
for piano, violin, and cello
Trio (spring 1997)
for clarinet, violin, and cello
Triptych for Four Trumpets (spring 1994)
Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
Gusli Remix (spring 2004)
(2-channel tape version)
Prikol no. 1 (Spring 2003)
for violin, piano, percussion, and computer processing
Into the Night (Spring 2002)
for 2-channel tape
In Suspension (Fall 2001)
for clarinet and computer processing
Sirens (Spring 1998)
for 2-channel tape
Winter Meditation (Fall 1997)
for 2-channel tape
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